What is JTI?

Does your organization have a focus on optimizing relationships and collaboration? Both when it comes to what works already and especially of what could be better. Then JTI - Jungian Type Index might be the right development tool for your organization.

JThe JTI provides an organization with a common language. It creates insight for leaders and employees, which leads to a better understanding of themselves and their colleagues. As a tool, JTI can be used to create better workplaces when it comes to the well-being of employees, which in the end leads to better results.

Every employee is important to the organization in different ways, therefore all employees are important if the organization wants to create good results.

The JTI is a tool used to describe fundamental differences between people. It focusses on how these differences can be used constructively both at an individual level and at a group level. The JTI provides a good starting point for working with personal development, leadership training and development, team building, conflict resolution, change processes and similar development processes.

The JTI tool can be used to map out an individual’s personality type and JTI profile. Knowing ones JTI profile can be a useful tool both for the individual and for the organization in general. It is important to mention that the JTI is nonevaluative. There is no profile or personality type which is better than other types or profiles. The focus is solely on how the diversity creates synergy and how to use diversity constructively.