5. april 2019

Jungian Type index – Status quo or development?

”Do we change our preferences over time or is our type code the same for life?” This question often occurs when people are being JTI-certified or […]
5. juni 2019

How a group of doctors became better at collaborating

The JTI development tool has proven to be beneficial to the doctors. Therefore, it has become a regular part of their courses. The doctors from the […]
4. juli 2019

Jungian Type Index – Structure and content

At its core Jungian Typology is a theory concerned with cognitive processes. Said differently, the typology aim at describing the way we navigate in and acknowledge […]
12. august 2019

Are personality tests scary things?

Interest in describing and categorizing differences in personality traits is not a new phenomenon. As early as 400 years BC, the Greek physician Hippocrates (460-377 BC) […]